Learn from anywhere in the world about means of earning without making investments
Understand the crypto industry and start earning.
Learn how to earn without making investments while being anywhere in the world.
Learn to analyze crypto projects and invest only in promising ones.
Course "Introduction to cryptocurrency. How to make money from scratch".
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Free Lessons
Creating a personal financial plan
Setting SMART goals
Fundamentals of Financial Literacy
First Steps to Invest in Crypto
Private Office
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What is the Slavi Academy?
A place where you will understand the inner workings of the crypto industry, find like-minded people and start earning.
Our Club
Cryptocurrency investment education from beginner to advanced levels.
VIP Community of Investment-Advisers (Paid).
Private Groups with Trading Signals (Paid).
Practical knowledge
Explanation of how to start mining cryptocurrency with facts and insights.
In the future, the project plans to open branches of the Slavi Academy in the UAE, Italy, Greece, Germany, USA, Spain, Brazil, France, Singapore, and other countries!
What awaits
you in the Slavi Academy?
A well-developed training system, where you can understand all the intricacies of cryptocurrencies from scratch and access the tools that will teach you how to make money under any market conditions.

Access to the knowledge of experienced crypto investors and 24/7 support with answers to questions from the curators and founders of the Slavi Academy in a private chat.

An increase in personal indicators, as well as the inevitable and stable increase in income.
Who is our
training for?
You are interested in entering the crypto industry and achieving your first results there, but it is difficult to figure it out on your own.
You are drowning in information and do not understand which cryptocurrency to invest in and why.
You are already investing in cryptocurrency, but do not feel confident in your actions and are not attaining stable profits.
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Asked Questions
How do I join the club?
The given function is not available yet. Once it is made available, you can either purchase a yearly subscription or pay a monthly fee for the unique lessons and other resources we provide. Check current prices with the curator.
How long does training take?
It all depends on whether you have chosen a paid or free plan. Check with our manager for more information.
Will I be able to take the course if I am a beginner and do not understand cryptocurrency at all?
The program is designed in such a way that even a person who has just heard about cryptocurrencies could make money on them. To get started, watch our free videos.
Will there be support?
Yes, of course there will be. We have several curators who support and help everyone.
What else will I get on a paid subscription basis, besides the video?
Practical and theoretical materials, online support from curators, a chat with questions and answers, and much more.